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Why not take a look at our Glass Slides page  and few of the photos and see if there is anything that you find familiar. We would really like to know who the Vicar is who is on many slides along with his wife and children, because we think that it may have been him who was the main photographer of the slides. We also think that he may have come from somewhere in the North East of England as some of the slides show "Darlington" and a poster advertising a football match between "United and Jarrow" in the North-Eastern League, at the Victoria Ground on the 3rd of September (no year given), although a poster next to it shows a date of 1910.
Photo's Page

We keep adding pictures to the People / Photographs page. Why not have a look and see if you recognise any of them.
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Have you got family Photo's or Documents...well we want them!

We have recently taken on more internet space for the society and can now store more images of photographs and documents on the society web site. If you have any of the above that you would like to share with others researching their ancestry in the Isle of Axholme, send them into me at and we will put them on the Photographs page.

Documents you could send in are scans of Birth, Baptism, Marriage Death and Burial Certificates. Scans of pages from Family Bibles, Diaries, Wills, Local Maps, Memoires, Membership Lists, Old Newspaper Cuttings Service Records etc.

Photographs accepted of People, Places, Events etc.

Please only send us items that are associated with the Isle of Axholme and its nearby villages.
New Search Trial

This is a pilot search engine from the website that I have found contains records that I have not come across before. Although it doesn't always give the full details, it gives enough information about a person to be able, if you are lucky, to match it into your famlily tree. You can find it here
Settlers in the Isle of Axholme

Research has been carried out by one of our members Jo McCann about Wills of settlers whose names are known to be connected with the Isle of Axholme. Jo has put a lot of time and effort into all the information she has unearthed, and  she wants to share it with all those researching these early Isle names. We have given this project its own web page, so any future research can be added. We are very thankful to Jo for sharing this information with us, and copies will also be deposited in the society's Library. You can find it here , or follow the link on the menu bar.
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We have recently had a few problems with the Publications Page ordering system. To get around this problem, we have now included a new Publications Page where you can order your booklets and pay for them instantly using Paypal (the same way you would when using web sites like ebay). We hope you will find this way of ordering your publications faster and more convenient that in the past, but we shall also be keeping the old ordering system running for those who want to pay by cheque.

The problems the old system is having, is because the calculations are done on a thid party web site that we have no control over, and this is what is intermittently not working at the moment. For now, anyone wanting to use the old system, they will have to make a note of the publications they want with the price of each one and the total and send it to the Bookstall address which is shown on that page.

Family Bible Page

Added a new Family Bible page. Find it at the bottom of the menu on the left.
Bibles that I have come across at Car Boot sales and Markets.
I have already found homes for the first two bibles that I found. See if any on the new Bibles page has any connection to yours.
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Unfortunately we are having a few problems with the website when using Internet Explorer. The menu on the left margin will not show the submenu's. For anyone using Mozilla Firefox, Avant and Chrome browsers, there doesn't seem to be any problems. These are all free web browsers that can be found easily using the Google search engine